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Monthly Archives: February 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name

Punto Croce (translation: cross stitch) is a ‘club’ on Facebook, and was founded in November 2008.  They posted this gorgeous image of a yarnbombed fence early this morning.

Sadly, my web search didn’t tell me the artist or location, but I still thought it was worth sharing.


Knitting by Lantern Light

How could a YARN-A-HOLIC not appreciate this?  The above photo, Knitting by Lantern Light, was published in ABC’s Today in Pictures:
A poll worker at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lawrence, Kan., knits by lantern light because of a power outage as she waits for voters for a city commission primary, Feb. 26, 2013 in Lawrence, Kans. Area streets and trees were packed with snow and more than 1,500 Douglas County, Kan., residents were without power as Lawrence woke up to its second major winter storm in less than a week. (Mike Yoder/Journal-World/AP Photo)

National Margarita Day

I’m not sure where all of these holidays come from, but today The New York Times told me it is National Margarita Day.  Instead of drinking tequila and picking up my needles, which proved counter-productive the last time I tried it, I though I’d search for a twist on the tasty beverage.

Pictured above is Etsy artist Youcute‘s crochet cocktail, Margarita.  For $42 you can celebrate with this little guy indefinitely, and never have to worry about a hangover.  Or a more adventurous YARN-A-HOLIC can pick up the pattern for a mere $4.75.  Cheers!

An Interview with SamsCrochet of the Etsy Yarn-a-holics

Samscrochet is run by the talented Samira. Her shop contains all sorts of crochet goodies. Scarves and Hats; functional home items such as soap savers and dish scrubbies and cozies for your electronics.

Blue and Peruvian Laptop Sleeve by SamsCrochet

I learned a lot about Samira and her business, and that we live in the same state, it’s a small world on the Etsy Yarn-a-holics team.

* When did you open your Etsy shop?

Samira: I opened my first Etsy shop in February of 2009 (SamsCrochet). I just celebrated my fourth anniversary! I’ve expanded my shop so much that I was able to open another in August of 2011 where I sell all of my health and fitness related items ( ).

* Do you come from a crafty family?

Samira: Parts of my family are very crafty. My Mom’s Mom and Sister especially. My grandmother is a quilter. It’s been great living with her recently because she has plenty of craft space for me to share with her. My Aunt was an avid yarn worker. She would knit us (nieces and nephews) a sweater for every birthday. When she passed away a few years ago, I was the only one with any interest in her huge collection of yarn. I picked up my crochet hook with more regularity, and that is the yarn I first used to start my business with.

* When did you become interested in fiber/crochet?

Samira: My Dad’s Mom taught me my first basic stitches of crochet in grade school. My first crochet memories include a trip to the lake where I spent the day creating a chain and first row the length of the dock. It was one of the many crafts I did through high school, but didn’t really expand my stitches and personal technique practice for a few more years. I can count on one hand, I think, the number of days I’ve NOT crocheted in the last 4 years or so.

Owl Hat

* What inspires you or your designs?

Samira: I am inspired by my fellow Etsians, shoppers, my Fiance’ and sometimes just seeing something I could create in crochet that isn’t traditionally crochet. When you think of crochet, the first thing most people think of is not yoga related. The first fitness item I made with intent to sell was a sample yoga mat bag for my Mom. These HandmadeHealth items are closest to my heart. Many of the items I have in my SamsCrochet shop have been at the request of shoppers, and fellow Etsians that I trade with. My Fiance’ has begun to see the world in a whole new yarn filled light, and often will come to me with an idea to add to my collection.

* Where else on the web can we find you? Facebook? Twitter? I’d like to know about how customers can see videos of your products online before they purchese, I think that must entice a lot of people, super idea!

Samira: I am all over the internet, but here are a few that are most helpful, and I interact with most. My Fiance has recently added another branch of the “world wide web” to my shop world. He’s creating YouTube videos to showcase my products. We try to do two a week, generally one item/listing from each shop. It’s so cool to see his videos!

* What are some of your interests/hobby’s outside of yarn?

Samira: When I am not attached directly to my hook, I am playing with my nephew. He was born in July of 2011, and since I wasn’t living in the same state at the time, I am super grateful for every minute we have together. He loves digging in my big bag for yarn balls and pointy sticks. He’s now a big brother. I also work two jobs that I love. One in catering, and the other at a UPS Store.

Be sure to check out Samira’s shops and her you tube channel!

Crochet Yoga Mat Bag from Samira at

Stop Sign Flowers

A mysterious yarn bomber known as “Knitting Guy” decided to beautify his neighborhood by turning stop signs into flowers. On April 22, 2012, one hundred of these were “planted” around San Diego (flower location map). While most people enjoyed the yarn creations, the city said they needed to come down, sparking controversy and media attention.

Sadly, a campaign by council member Lorie Zapf, a petition on, and many Facebook supporters were not enough to prevail.  By May 25, the city had removed most of the flowers.

To keep the movement alive, Knitting Guy has posted the pattern on his website.  Additionally, he hosts a photo gallery to showcase other people’s creations.   A great idea as you plan for International Yarn Bombing Day in June…

Hookers at the Skate Park

I’m not sure of the story behind this photo, but it was too cute not to share…  I ran across it in a Facebook post, and was able to trace back as far as the Hatnut Ideen album by German yarn shop Bastelund Hobbykiste.

As a YARN-A-HOLIC and pop culture junkie, I’m completely stoked about the idea of some sweet granny skaters, and would love to learn more.

Year of the Snake (patterns)

According to the Chinese Zodiac, February 10th kicked off  the Year of the Snake.    The snake is the sixth of twelve animal signs, and is said to be the most enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the animals signs.  Astrologers believe that this Year of the Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail, thus focus and discipline will be necessary for people to achieve what they set out to create.  Ancient Chinese wisdom also says a snake in the house is a good omen which means that your family will not starve.

All that said, I’m still not ready to bring a python and aqarium into my house.  On the flipside, one made from yarn might not be so bad.  A quick search on Ravelry warranted a bunch of great, free patterns (including stashbusters).  Links are below for your yarny enjoyment:

Crochet Patterns

Knit Patterns