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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Scarf a Mile Long

In January a pub, in Winsley Road, started making a 1.9-mile scarf as part of a Knit One Help One campaign. People from knitting groups across southwest UK have been making segments for a scarf to stretch from the pub to Dorothy House Hospice in Winsley.  At their latest measuring session, shown above, the group found out that they were half way there.

The group is holding public knitting sessions, and is also searching for sponsors.   If you’d like you get involved, you can contact them at 01225 862354.


Birmingham in Stitches

Birmingham In Stitches is an art installation which kicked off last Saturday; it involves more than a hundred volunteers and thousands of yards of yarn.  Trees, lamp posts, businesses, bike racks, and parking meters have been decked out with knitted and crocheted objects to draw attention to the city’s public arts program.

This project  is organized and funded by the Birmingham Public Arts Board and the Cultural Council of Birmingham/Bloomfield.  The event began with a “yarn-cutting” reception, and will continue through the end of the month.

To view more photos, click here

Yarn Ferrari

This amazing yarn Ferrari was done by artist Lauren Porter.  She used a steel vehicle frame and twelve miles of yarn to complete this 10-month project.  Porter told AOL News her inspiration was the mix of macho high-tech sports car with delicate ladylike handcraft.

12 MILES OF YARN has been on display in London, Paris and Amsterdam and at both car shows and fine-art galleries for the past five years.  Now, it’s up for sale:  ”  Wool sports car seeks permanent home, high mileage, but very good condition.  One lady owner.”

Wichita State Yarn Bombs

What better way to welcome students back to school than a good, old-fashined yarn bombing?

Wichita State University has been decked out in 24,856 yards of yarn.  Approximately 150 people worked together to outfit the famous millipede statue, and other campus landmarks.  Millie is sporting a WSU sun visor, sweater, and lots of leg warmers.  The installation opened on September 15, to coincide with the reopening of the Ulrich Art Museum, and is expected to stay up for about two weeks.

To see a photo diary of the project, you can visit,0,2361659.photogallery

Call Me Maybe –> Cast On Baby


I happened across this story in the Maplewood Patch.  Excellent work by some true Yarn-A-Holics:

“With the ‘Call Me Maybe’ video parody phenomenon showing no signs of cooling, one of Maplewood’s local businesses has added its two cents (or in this case, stitches). ‘Cast on Baby’ features folks from Knitknack, a popular knitting shop on Springfield Avenue, hamming it up for the camera to the tune of the Carly Rae Jepsen song that has sparked copycat videos across the nation.”

Check out the full story HERE