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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Winter Knitting (re-blog)

Here’s an awesome winter yarn project from Norway.  For the YARN-A-HOLICS getting snowed in this week, you might try this when your fingers start to cramp.

Knitting before Knitting was Cool

I totally stole this photo from my guild on Facebook.  Taken in Oslo recently.

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So cool, I just had to share:

Only a few days left ’til Christmas, and that perfect handmade gift isn’t quite made. Should you find yourself in that predicament this year, our friends at Knit Picks have created a beautiful, printable IOU card for your loved one.  It’s okay, we’ve all been there!

Oh Mitten Tree, Oh Mitten Tree

… Thy leaves are so unchanging …

In this case, though, the ‘leaves’ will make for all sorts of positive change.  This photo from Caron Internation Yarn shows a Christmas tree in a Norway department store made from 300 pairs of mittens.  After the holiday, these ‘leaves’ are going to be distributed to needy families in the Ukraine.

What a beautiful way to celebrate the season with yarn.

The Graffiti Grannys Strike Again

The yarnbombing group known as the Graffit Grannies have struck again… just in time for Christmas. This time, the guerilla knitters decked a tree on Hayle’s Penpol Terrace.

After the installation went up, last Friday, the following message appeared on the group’s Facebook page: “Nightmare getting pictures as the wind was so strong, but they’re up in Penpol Terrace Hayle, Please leave them till after Christmas so people can enjoy the stars, pom-poms and zillions of snowflakes!!”

High winds aside, we think it’s beautiful.  Hats off to another amazing group of YARN-A-HOLICS.

A Dr Seuss (un)Knitting Machine

Wikipedia defines the Rube Goldberg machine as a “contraption, invention, device, or apparatus is a deliberately over-engineered or overdone machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The expression is named after American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg (1883–1970).”  Some of the best show up in the works of Dr Seuss:  the posession I most covet being the clean-up mobile from The Cat in the Hat.  Until now.

This week,’s Geek Out column featured the Unknitting Machine.  A person pedals a bicycle, and the machine unravels knitwear, then rolls it into beautiful balls of yarn.  Oh the fibers I could restore and reuse…

I hope the rest of the YARN-A-HOLICS enjoy this video as much as I did.