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This is a place where knitters, hookers, and spinners unite.  We will share favorite sale items, crafting tips, and hold contests in which you can participate. 

ETSY YARN-A-HOLICS (eyah) is a moderated team on  It’s members are yarn-lovers from all over the world, with three main goals: trading from their stashes, participating in block exchanges, and creating for charity.  If you’re interested in the same things, you can apply for membership by visiting


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  1. I’ve just applied to join EYAH – can’t wait to see if I’m accepted! =D

  2. Thanks you for visiting my blog. I am sure that picture of yarn was very tempting. I don’t knit and couldn’t knit even if the teacher were threatening me with the knitting needles. 😦

    I really do envy and admire those who turn out such beautiful things.

  3. We are the knit graffiti collaborative Yarn Bombing Los Angeles (YBLA) and have a project that calls for covering the Craft and Folk Art Museum in granny squares. The deadline for the project is March 1st and we ask participants to send us 5 inch granny squares in particular colors. For more info
    For our facebook page post


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