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For the past few years we’ve seen uni-named Hollywood power couples:  Bennifer, TomKat, and Brangelina.  The newest edition to the pack is  Big Bang Theory’s  Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler, otherwise known as Shamy.  ❤

How do you make that better?  Add yarn, of course!  Shown here is an amigurumi likeness (artist unknown) which appeared on Facebook yesterday.

“Math, science, history, UNRAVELING the mysteries, that all started with the big bang!”


Troublemaker in Amigurumi

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Rock band Green Day is currently running a contest. They’ve asked people to choose a song from their ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, or ¡TRE! album and create a video.  The submission deadline is today.

Using stop flash photography, filmmaker kerokerokingDX created this marvelous masterpiece in amigurumi.  He chooses the song “Troublemaker” and portrays three crazy fleas jamming on the a dog’s back.  I love it!

Best of luck to one really cool YARN-A-HOLIC.

Happy Birthday, Tim Curry

frank n furter

On April 19, 1946, Timothy James Curry was born. A cult icon, Curry is the genius behind some of pop culture’s most beloved characters.  In 1975 he gave  us  one the most cherished characters in cinematic history:  Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.   Curry captivated the world with his musical ability, acting presence, and sheer comedic timing.

In saluting the legend on his birthday, I give you MrsPoppy77‘s crochet creation.  This little Dr. Frank-N-Furter is made from baby merino, measures 7cm tall, and is available for purchase on ETSY.

National Pig Day

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Suwee.  Suwee.  Suwee.

March 1 is National Pig Day.  According to, this day recognizes and gives thanks to domesticated pigs.  For today’s post, I thought it would be nice to display some pigs created by our own YARN-A-HOLICS.  We’ve got you covered from Babe, to Porky, to Angry Birds, and more.


Pink Pig – Knit Pig Toy…


Pig Art, Henna Design, …


Pink Pig – Amigurumi


Babe the yo-yo pig


1976 Vintage Porky Pig,…


Reversible Messenger Ba…


Happy Pig Beanie


This Little Piggy Hat




porky pig coasters


Tiny Pink Pig in Pink P…


Perler Bead Coasters – …


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

National Margarita Day

I’m not sure where all of these holidays come from, but today The New York Times told me it is National Margarita Day.  Instead of drinking tequila and picking up my needles, which proved counter-productive the last time I tried it, I though I’d search for a twist on the tasty beverage.

Pictured above is Etsy artist Youcute‘s crochet cocktail, Margarita.  For $42 you can celebrate with this little guy indefinitely, and never have to worry about a hangover.  Or a more adventurous YARN-A-HOLIC can pick up the pattern for a mere $4.75.  Cheers!

Yarn Torture

My husband believes that yarn is torture. He loathes my trips to the store, cringes when the mailman brings a package from, and hates that I have a knitting project in my lap when we sit down to watch a movie in the Man Cave.

This morning I stumbled upon what would make him the perfect gift: Yarn artist Croshame’s latest creation.  Pictured above is Gilly the Guillotine and his BFF, Henri the Executioner.  Who knows, there might be a place for yarn in the Man Cave afterall.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

She said I think I remember the film…

We all love Audrey Hepburn in this timeless classic. Now, Urban Outfitters is giving away a pattern to knit your own iconic Holly Golightly doll.  Here’s a link

For those YARN-A-HOLICS who try knitting one, we’d love to see how she turns out.