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It’s Park Season

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Flipping through my WordPress reader this morning, I came across this lovely example of  guerrilla knitting.  Since it is a combination of many of my favorite things (yarn, sunshine, and geekery), I had to share it with you.

“Park It” was done by yarn artist Knits For Life over 4th of July weekend.  Inspired by Hottea’s Minneapolis fence work, she set out to bring some new life into her sister’s town of Foster City.  Simply wonderful!


Honoring Veterans

November 11 is Veterans Day, and a time-honored symbol of rememberance is the poppy.  One blogger calls this red flower “the most noble and notable fundraising totem anywhere in the world.  It was the pink ribbon before the pink ribbon. It is the Livestrong bracelet minus the disgraced spokesman.”

This year, YARN-A-HOLICS all over the world are putting a spin on this time-honored tradition.  Knitting and crochet groups are crafting poppies from wool.  More durable than the old paper ones, these sell for $5 each, with proceeds going to veterans organizations.  In fact, these are so popular that knitting shops in Scotland are running out of red yarn, the Daily Record reports.

For those of you looking to get in on the craze, here are a couple of free patterns:

Knit Poppy from Lion Brand Yarn website

Crochet Poppy from Coffee Crochet blog