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Clothes for the Naked

Cowra Yarn Bomb

This once-naked statue in Australia now dons a granny square bikini thanks to some women from the Senior Citizens Centre.  Feeling bad for the lady outside of Tastebuds of Cowra Cafe, the ladies decided to crochet some clothing to protect her modesty.  Love it!

To read more or see additional photos, click HERE.


Knit to Quit

Today I stumbled upon this lovely print ad and had to learn more…

After some investigation, I found that it was for “Knit to Quit” sessions at a yarn store in Australia.  Craft enthusiast Kris Howard urgess smokers to forget acupuncture, hypnotism and patches, and take up knitting.   She says that once you get into a rhythm of knitting, your brain will forget the cravings, and focus on what your yarn project. Knit and Quit classes run for four weeks and offer an AA-style support group that allows smokers to learn a new skill.  

Personally, I have no idea if this works.  I do love knitting, though, and would absolutely register for the class if the gentlemen in the ad was going to make an appearance.  😉