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Susie Hewer, 55-year-old dubbed the “extreme knitting redhead,’ holds two records at the London Marathon: knitting the longest scarf (2008), and stitching the longest crochet chain (2010). On April 21, she will run it again, attempting to best her own scarf record.

According to BBC News, Hewer ran her first marathon for Alzheimers Research UK in 2005, two weeks after her mother died of vascular dimentia.  According to Parminder Summon, the charity’s community fundraising manager, she’s raised nearly £25,000 during the past seven years.

When asked about the upcoming event, Susie said that she plans to train by running at least 9 km per day.  Her biggest challenge?  “I’ll have neck ache by the end of it, looking down to ensure I don’t drop any stitches, but it will be worth it to help Alzheimer’s Research UK progress with its ground breaking research.”

Best of luck to another amazing YARN-A-HOLIC.


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  1. Monique Teague

    awesome article.


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