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A Call for Granny Squares

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a whole museum covered in granny squares?  Get your hooks out, YARN-A-HOLICS:  you can help!

The group known as Yarn Bombing Los Angeles  has put out a call for granny squares. From now until March, they are collecting 5×5 inch crocheted squares in orange, green, cyan, and white.  These squares will be used to yarn bomb the Craft & Folk Art Museum on Wilshire Boulevard for a May exhibit opening.

According to their website, the Craft & Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) has been a longtime sponsor of Yarn Bombing Los Angeles, hosting monthly stitch ‘n bitches, showcasing work in their window, and serving as the site of several yarnbombings. The group wanted to give back by creating an installation that would draw attention to the museum. CAFAM is located on Museum Row in the heart of Los Angeles, but the building is dwarfed by the gigantic structures nearby. They want to comment on this idea of scale in a museum by installing large scale patterns, visually making CAFAM into a dollhouse and thus “shrinking” it even more, while raising its public profile.

If you’d like to get involved, you can find more information on making granny squares and shipping locations by visiting the Yarn Bombing Los Angeles Call for Entry page.


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  1. liquid chillstep

    keep up the stupendous blog

  2. liquid chillstep

    keep up the awe-inspiring writing

  3. Hey my name is Sally and I’m a knitter and this site really aided me. I’m refocused! Thanks!

  4. Carlos Mendonca

    i really liked this. thanks for posting.


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