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A Wool Christmas Tree

It wasn’t pine needles, but aluminum needles that have helped create this Christmas tree.  Everything (from the knitted triangle leaves to the tinsel and decorations) was made through crocheted and knitted wool.  Members of the Thwaites Craft Club have been busy for the past five months making all the small segments from 50 balls of yarn.

It’s the first year the team has done this, and 69 year-old club member Hazel Eady was the one who stitched all of the pieces to a lining to go on the framework.  According to her, “It cost us £48 in total to do.”  They plan to use it for their holiday celebrations, and then donate to a local hospital the week before Christmas.

Beautiful work, ladies!  Happy Wooly-days to all.


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  1. that is so cool, well done ladies! x

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