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Tramway to Hell

We all love the classic granny square afghan, but have you ever considered using one in a protest?

The city of Edinburgh, Scotland, is in the middle of a tram project.  It is coming in significantly over budget, and people have begun protesting its completion.  In the words of a local blogger, “After 4 years, hundreds of millions of pounds of overspend, and endless disruptive roadworks, the bloody thing’s still not built.” 

Amid a number of picketing events, and considerable media coverage, the above granny square installation appeared there last week.  Many people applauded the work of art, however the city council removed the crocheted protest.  Councillor Lesley Hinds, the city’s transport leader said the following:  “When unofficial banners are put up it’s normally the process that they are removed, in case they come loose and flap into the face of a pedestrian or into the path of a cyclist.  It did look like nice crochet work though, someone had clearly spent a lot of time on it.”  He adds that the blanket was still in the council’s  possession if the owner wished to claim it, no questions asked.


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  1. The council might have taken it down, but it’s still ‘hanging’ on the web! =D


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