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Prince Harry’s Antics

Do you remember the phantom knitter who did the Olympic yarn bombing in Saltburn?  (If not, you can read more here.)  As it turns out, it’s actually a group of knitters calling themselves “Darn Crazy.”  Their latest installation, gathering all kinds of publicity, is a Prince Harry doll.  The knit likeness poses, protecting his modesty, in exactly the same way which was displayed on the Sun Magazine Cover

The members of Darn Crazy wish to remain anonymous; in fact that they joke that their identities are as closely guarded as the crown jewels.  They have, however, provided photos and a statement to local journalist, Mike Morrissey:

“We’re delighted with the imaginative and amusing coverage given… Many satisfying hours of secret planning and knitting have paid off with the many visitors also enjoying our work. We’re happy to share some of the photos we took for our own pleasure while maintaining the anonymity of yarnstorming.”

To the members of Darn Crazy: I love what you’re doing, and will continue to follow.

To Prince Harry:  Try to remember that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.


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