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Hello World

“Hello World” says this little house in Seattle.  On Fifteenth Avenue East, atop Capitol Hill, sits this yarny wonder.  The owner’s of Ada’s Technical Books asked artist Luke Haynes to yarn bomb their new address to announce that they would be opening up shop in the neighborhood.

The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that Haynes engaged friends on Facebook, and encouraged people walking by to get involved in the installation.  About 30 people helped to make the various knit and crochet quilts that were stitched and stapled together around the house.  They used acrylic yarn to help ensure it would stand up well to the elements during the next few months that it is supposed to be in place.

“The yarn bombing is ostensibly sort of the hands of the community holding up the building façade, in a lot of ways,” the artist said. “Because, all of the (pieces) were handmade, and all of the articles were made by people in the Seattle area. It’s kind of like the community coming together to beautify itself.”


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  1. thanks for sharing! this is great and i enjoyed sharing with my friends.


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