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They made what?!?

Women in Ottawa are trying to make a point with politicians: stop trying to legislate reproductive rights. Members of Womanspace in Lethbridge are leading a brigade, and asking people to crochet or knit copies of women’s reproductive organs to be sent to Parliament as part of a nationwide protest.

They are handing out pattern, setting up knit and crochet sessions in local pubs, and collecting finished works for distribution.  These will be sent to Parliament at the end of August as part of a national movement on Facebook called Womb Swarm Parliament — Textile Artists United Against Motion M-312.  “People do different colours, but pink has been the dominant colour for the obvious reasons. But it’s also a little bit funny to be sending a pink uterus to a male member of Parliament who wouldn’t feel comfortable holding one,” said Womanspace spokeswoman Jenn Prosser.

Prosser believes that the movement has been so successful because it creates community among the supporters.  “This is a way that they can participate that’s meaningful, but still on their own terms, without necessarily having to go out and put their face in front of someone else’s face in more of an aggressive manner.”  Motion M-312 will be voted on during the upcoming fall session.

Pattern links: knit or crochet


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