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A Casting Call for Knitters

I stumbled across this call for knitters earlier today. How cool would it be to have your work featured on the set of a world premiere production?

The Grand Theatre Blackpool Calls All Knitters!
Submitted by Greg Jameson on Sat, 08/11/2012 – 15:40

The Grand Theatre needs your knitted creations to help construct the set of a world premiere production!

The world premiere of Inspector Norse will be staged at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre on Monday 15 October and The Grand is looking for avid knitters to get involved!

Cast on, yarn back and get ready to knit! Do you enjoy knitting? Would you like your knitted creations to be part of the set of a world premiere production at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool!?

LipService Theatre has chosen Blackpool’s beautiful Grand Theatre as the venue for the world premiere of their Swedish crime thriller Inspector Norse. However, this is a production with a set like no other! It will be partially knitted and created through a joint effort between local knitting groups. So knitting needles at the ready-don’t miss this unique opportunity to get involved!

Comedy duo Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding are the talented LipService Theatre Company. Their all-new Swedish crime thriller Inspector Norse promises to be a night of nerve-jangling suspense, laughter…and a partially knitted set that hopefully you can contribute to!

It is bitter mid-winter. Ex-pop-star recluse Freya looks out of her log cabin at a rural winter scene. She smiles and turns back to her meatballs. But who is the stranger walking across the frozen wastes? In a fur hat. With a chisel. Days later a man is found dead in a barn nearby- enter Inspector Sandra Larsson in her authentic, rustic knitwear. With her own personal life unraveling before our eyes, it is up to her to follow the pattern of a mystery with many holes! The multi-award winning comedy duo LipService Theatre Company will cast off all your preconceptions as they weave a web of mystery that will leave your nerves jangling!

Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding have been performing and writing together since 1985. The comedy duo have had their own comedy series on BBC Radio 4 and written 16 comedies for the stage. They have also won several awards including the Critics Award for Comedy, Manchester Evening News Award for Withering Looks and were nominated for the Writer’s Guild Award for LipService Radio Series on BBC Radio 4!

The Grand Theatre wants to get all keen knitters involved in creating the set of Inspector Norse! So if you enjoy knitting and would like to have your knitted creations used in the set of the world premiere of Inspector Norse email Get knitting!

The World premiere of Inspector Norse is at The Grand on Monday 15 October.

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