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8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About

Howdy!  This week’s EYAH teammate feature is a fabulous shop specializing in knitted goods and colorful hand dyed yarns.

Glen Echo Designs is run by Andria of Toldeo, Ohio.  I grew up in Ohio, so I really enjoyed chatting with Andria… turns out at one point we lived less than 5 miles from each other!  Just goes to show what  a small world it is.

Chartreuse, Emerald Green Turquoise Hand Dyed Yarn

1. When did you open you Etsy shop?

Andria: I opened my Etsy shop on New Year’s Day 2011 – a great way to celebrate the ringing in of the new year!

2. Where did the idea for your shop name come from?

Andria: My shop is named after a park near where my husband and I lived after we were first married. Glen Echo is a beautiful little ravine in the middle of Columbus, Ohio. It is quiet and secluded, even in the midst of a city. We have since moved to a different city, but I still miss the sense of calm that walking through Glen Echo Park gave me.

3. Where else on the web can you be found? 

Andria: I can be found on Twitter @Glenechodesigns and on Facebook.

4. How did you first become interested in fiber and knitting?

Andria: At 10, my mom made me take a knitting class from one of her friends. I endured it until the class was over and promptly dropped knitting for a few years. In high school, I picked my knitting needles up again and haven’t set them down since!

Saffron Fingerless Gloves

5. Do you come from a crafty family?

Andria: All four of the women in my family are crafty. My mother is a seamstress and taught me how to sew. I don’t enjoy sewing as much as she does, but I can at least hem my own pants now! My younger sister took after my mom and enjoys fashion design; she often designs and sews her own clothes. After seeing her designs, I wish that I could do more than hem pants! I taught my youngest sister how to knit. She knit baby blankets in order to practice her stitches and then gave them to charity. I’m so proud of her for finding a way to learn new things and help others at the same time!

6. Do you ever have a hard time parting with your creations?

Andria:  It sometimes is really hard to part with my items – especially my hand dyed yarns! I sometimes am surprised about how a hand-dyed yarn turns out; it can often be much better than I envisioned. These ‘surprises’ are the most difficult to let go. I just hope that I’m giving it to someone else that will love my items even more than I do!

7. What is one of your interests/passions other than yarn?

Andria: Human trafficking is an issue close to my heart. In order to raise awareness of human trafficking and to help the girls involved, 25% of my Etsy sales go to Gracehaven House. This is a shelter for young girls that have been trafficked, a place for them to heal from past trauma and to regain a childhood that was lost to commercial sexual exploitation. You can learn more about trafficking and ways to help combat it at

* Amazing!  As if you didn’t already have a great reason to check out her shop here is just one more.

8. What inspires your awesome color combinations in your hand dyed yarns?

Andria: There is often no specific reason for the color combinations in my hand dyed yarns. I have fun experimenting with the dyes and will manipulate different processes to see the results. I am often amazed at how small changes completely alter the end result!

Caribean Blue Hand Knit Hat


Now is a GREAT time to check out GlenEchoDesigns.Etsy.Com    Andria is hosting a sale on many of her hand knit items and also there are a lot of fun, colorful hand dyed yarns for your own projects.

Check back next week to learn more about another one of our fabulous team members.


Find us on Etsy.   Yarn-a-holics Team


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