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Amigurumi Heart Tutorial by Lula Creations

Lula Creations, aka Meghan, is a YARN-A-HOLICS team member.  Meghan has been crafting for about six years, and her Etsy shop (filled with amigurumi creatures from video games and movies) has been open for about a year.

When I asked Meghan what inspires her, she gave me the best answer:  YARN!  “As odd as it sounds, yarn inspires me. Staring off into the oblivion of the yarn section in a craft store, usually a color or a texture strikes me and reminds me of something. Then a project is born.”

This tutorial was originally published on Meghan’s blog, and has been re-printed with permission.

This tutorial is my first, so please bear with me! This heart fits right into the palm of your hand and is perfect to give to that special someone on February 14th. 🙂 It’s also fitting for Legend of Zelda fans all year round. More hearts, better questing! This project is suitable for beginners. You need to know how to single crochet, single increase, and single together (or decrease). If you’re completely new to crochet, I suggest checking out YouTube for how to’s on these stitches.

Materials: G size crochet hook
Any color you desire of worsted weight yarn (for the sake of this tutorial, I used Red Heart in Red)
Blunt needle (for sewing in ends)
Stuffing (like polyfill)

To create a heart, you start by making two different lobes. The first is sewn to the second, which becomes one contiguous heart.

Lobe #1
R1: Chain 3 and slip stitch into the first to create a ring.
R2: Sc inc into each stitch (6)
R3: Sc inc in each stitch (12)
R4: Sc in each stitch, work even (12)
R5: Sc in each sitch, work even. Fasten off. Leave a tail of a few inches.

Lobe #2 (and rest of heart)

Start in the same way as the first lobe, but don’t fasten off. Slip stitch into last three stitches of Lobe #1. Make sure to tuck the tail from Lobe #1 in the following stitches.

R6: Continue to crochet around both lobes now, creating 20 stitches. If you’ve done this correctly, your stitch marker should be right in the middle between the lobes.
R7: Work even (20)
R8: sc in next 5 st, sc next 2 st tog, sc in next 8 st, sc next 2 st tog, sc in next 3 st (18)
R9: sc in next 4 st, sc next 2 st tog, sc in next 7 st, sc next 2 st tog, sc in next 3 st (16)
R10: sc in next 3 st, (sc next 2 st tog) 2 times, sc in next 4 st, (sc next 2 st tog) 2 times, sc in next st (12) Start to stuff the heart firmly.
R11: sc in next 2 st, (sc next 2 st tog) 2 times, sc in next 2 st, (sc next 2 st tog) 2 times (8)
R12: sc in next 2 st, sc next 2 st tog, around (6) Fasten off. Sew up the hole and weave in the end.

I may post photos later on to clarify the meeting of the lobes. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!

Happy Valentines Day!

If you want to see more from Meghan, you can find her in the following places:


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